Thursday, February 21, 2008

Routines dampen Depression

Feeling bad and sad is one thing, getting Depressed is another. Today, I felt a bit slow and depressed. I had no reason at all to feel bad or sad. This gave me the opportunity to test my plan on how to minimize Bipolar Disorder induced Depression.

I actually slept late last night - almost 3 a.m. already. I make it a point to sleep or stay in bed for 8 hours straight. My phone rang 6 hours after I went to bed, I had to answer the call, but I stayed in bed for another 2 hours, just to make sure my body was properly rested.

Bipolar Depression gets worse when one is not properly rested. But the length of time to rest needs to be properly monitored. I made it a point to get out of bed after 8 hours of sleep and rest so I would be able to accomplish something for the day.

When I got out of bed, I had my exercise routine. I still had a hard time stretching my back and lower legs and tendons. The needle like pain in my lower legs and tendons were a bit bearable now. I was sweating profusely in the middle of my first set. This time I was able to do 2 sets.

After a spartan breakfast, I focused on getting my work done - which was actually very minimal. Then I spent the rest of the day evaluating my finances and my work flow.

I am more stable now compared to last year. I can control my depression and therefore I can get things done. The rest of the day went through just fine. I have 2 new possible projects in the horizon.

From my experience, it is important to establish a routine and to set a flow of things that need to be done for the day. Following this flow gives me control over my moods and structure allows me to get things done.

I have used this strategy for only a few days, I still do not know how to use it in the event my creative abilities are impaired. I have a plan though. So I am looking forward to the incoming STUCK UP episode so I can see if my plan will work.

I will start working on the BIPOLAR Pinoy blog tomorrow.

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nars daw oh! said...

i have battled depression for the longest time. I have been diagnosed with dysthymia but i do not concur with it. I believe i have bipolar syndrome. A lot of things that you said struck a cord with me. I used to be in mass communications which requires a lot of creativity, but because there was no formal structure to creativity, my mind would wander and i'd often get manic then quickly plunge down to depression. I shifted to a course which had more formal structure to somehow set up a routine for me so i took up nursing, everytime i had to do a lot of things it kept my mind from getting depressed but at the same time often left me feeling drained and lonely. My creativity went down. I have also realized that physical activities actually helps me feel happier and more upbeat. i am starting my own blog, please visit it if you have time i would love to hear from you.