Friday, February 15, 2008



I'm in the doldrums. Moving, but not getting anywhere. I didn't prepare for this situation. I have to devise a way out. Until know, I don't have the fiantest idea how.

I am in PROCRASTINATION MODE. I have not done anything for the last 4 days, except sleep, eat, watch tv, surf the net, and mope.

My immediate solution is to listen to all my U2 mp3's. Somehow, I have this feeling I'll get a kick somewhere inside me. I can choose to play Vertigo again & again & again.....

I am also in deconstruction mode. I am in the process of trying to identify the triggers behind this procratination. I do hope to find the triggers in a couple of days. When those triggers are found I can install mental software to diffuse them when our paths cross.

Hehehe. . . . . seems like a tall order at the moment.

But I really have to learn how to diffuse those triggers, so I can start moving towards my destination in this interesting journey.

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