Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Cruise Control

I am HAPPY to declare that I have regained control of my life 80%. The only part of my life that needs to be moderated is spending. I am getting there.

I was able to land a VERY, as in VERY HUGE project. This project is my Graduation Marker - from hormone driven, wasting away loser - to someone who has full control of life choices and decision making.

This is just so awesome. I am still pondering on how to document this new project online.

I will be able to make a decision within the day about this project.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bipolar Aha! Moment

I have been on a roll the past few weeks. I accomplished most of my work.

But right now, I have a major problem. Somethings wrong with my Laptops Operating System.
It won't boot up to show the Windows Desktop. A pop up comes out telling me that explorer.exe has a problem and a report needs to be sent to Microsoft so they will know. And then I'm left hanging.

To be able to use my laptop, I have to retrieve the task manager, so I can run an application by browsing to its folder and requesting the taskmanager to run the application. This way, I am able to open application I need to use.

This experience has taught me how to reach inside my brain when the usual OS does not work. All I have to do is reach into the taskmanager inside my head and request it to run the softwate I need for the moment, the next hour or the whole day.

This is really life changing for me. . . . a confirmation that my strategy of installing mental software and an Operating System that could carry these new software was the right thing to do.

I'll have to bring my laptop to a laptop shrink though. I need to be able to use this laptop the usual way.

I'll do that after I wake up.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Managing Bipolar Depression

I have learned how to manage BIPOLAR Depression. The past 3 weeks I have been going through a fairly strong depression, yet I am on track with my work and I am accomplishing my goals.

I have learned that sticking to an established routine helps a lot. The biggest boost I have had the last 3 weeks is learning how to divide huge blocks of work into manageable pieces and accomplishing each piece one at a time by focusing my thoughts in getting it done. Once done, the sense of accomplishment gives me an energy boost.

I have also learned to be careful with events and situations appearing out of nowhere that disrupt the flow of the established routine. These disruptions tend to mess up with the flow.

Finding a way to get back to the routine may seem quite hard at first. But, getting back on meeting set goals can help a lot.

Make sure Work goals and tasks and routines are written so there is always a reminder on what to do next.