Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Letting others know: Managing Bipolar Disorder

Today I set my sights to share how a Filipino is managing Bipolar Disorder.

I started blogging in 2004 to keep an electronic diary of my moods and what not. After a cursory review of where I have been and what I have been doing with my life and what I intend to do, I realize this blog can be a tool to reach out to other people, to share to them how I have managed Bipolar Disorder in my life.

But how do I bring the rest of the world to this Filipino Bipolar Blog?

The answer to that question is not easy. I have a lot of learning to do aside from writing about my life and everything else that is happening around me.

I have to learn how to optimise this blog so search engines can place this Filipino Bipolar Blog on the first page. I also would like to see this blog make it to the top 500 Filipino blogs for 2008, and at the same time earn money for me.

I see this realization as a reasonable outcome from what I have been doing since the start of this year. I have been spending at least 2 hours each day blogging, and 3 hours reading other blogs.

So the book I plan to write will take shape through this blog.

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