Sunday, February 03, 2008

Out of the Abyss!

At last I have crossed the abyss. I have reached a ledge from where I can stand and start exploring this new and interesting terrain ahead of me. The land unfolds before me on each small step I take. I see nothing ahead of me. The map I have inside my head provides me with directions and signpost indicating where I am in this new territory.
In a few days I hope to reach my first major destination. I still do not know what this place is. It is only shown in the map I have inside my head. I can only tell you about this place when I get there. I am confident I will get there. Not because I know the way, but because the map I have inside my head serves as an accurate guide.
I am a little bit manic now. The difference this time is I can channel my manic energies and guide its flow into constructive and productive pursuits. I am in control of my mania. Before, my mania was controlling me. Now I am harnessing the energy my mania releases everytime it comes.
I am aware of the hidden dangers threatening my journey. These dangers may not be shown on the map in my possession. Yet I have installed contextual mental software to deal with this unknowns.
I may seem strange right now. In time I will be able to reveal what I am experiencing now. That time is almost near.
When that time comes, everything will be very clear and my journey will be interesting. When I get to my first destination, I can start sharing how I got hold of the map.
I will share my journey with you, when I am halfway to my destination.
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