Monday, January 21, 2008

Up and Manic... again!

I am still awake, and it's past mid-night. I conditioned myself to sleep before 10p.m. every night for the last 3 weeks. Tonight I blew it. I watched TV after dinner while waiting for my Masseur. He didn't arrive. It was raining at around 9p.m. Then I lost track of time. I got focused on the TV.

I also overslept today. I was planning to go to church, but woke up at around 11a.m already. Ate a late brekfast, then went back to bed, then woke up late in the afternoon to cut the grass in the front yard. Cleaning the yard was exhilirating. Seeing the place trimmed and cut after 30 minutes of grass cutting made me feel nice inside. I rewarded myself with a mug of coffee, and sat at the terrace to watch neighbors pass by.

I am ready for the upcoming work this week. I have enough work in my hands. I'll be going to Matanao, Davao del Sur to check up on a housing project tomorro till Tuesday, then I'll be going back on Saturday for a training orientation and a meeting for another housing project.

This coming week will start off my work for 2008. It's already past mid-January. It's alright with me. I'm on schedule.

I just have some checking to do with my mental map and software. I need to tweak a bit my Mental Operating System so my software gets in sync with my map. This may sound so vague and egregious for you. I will find time to explain this mumbo jumbo within a week. PROMISE.

I know I am moving towards mania. Within a month or less this can turn into a full blown manic episode. I am actually looking forward that so I can test my software. So take time to watch this blog.

I will be posting at least 4 times a week to chronicle this new journey of mine.

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