Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting set . . . to GO!

I arrived from my vacation at dawn today. That was one nice vacation. I'll keep the details to myself why that vacation was a nice one. I just hope the results of what happened during my vacation will slowly unwrap in the next few months. Hopefully by the middle of this year I will be able to explain in detail what happened to me during the last three weeks I was away on vacation.

When I arrived, I decided to clean my bedroom and my refrigerator. I will clean the rest of the house tomorrow. I have a bundle of clothes to wash. I realize that cleaning is such a Spiritual Exercise. It's like cleaning your subconsious of grime and dust and cobwebs.

I also bought food today. Healthy, fresh, envigorating food. No more preserved foodstuff in cans and pouches. This way I can feed my body with nourishing nutrients.

I mya have started working this year a bit late. January's almost over, and I still have no projects committed for the next months. I just have a collectibles out there. So I have to hang in tight and find a way to start my next project.

This coming week will indeed be a challenge for me.

I have installed my Monitors. I had a paranoia attack around mid-day today. I dispensed with it by telling myself there were more important things to achieve than being scared about something that's not really there at all.

I also noticed that I have this energetic feeling now. I am aware I have to be careful with this energy. My monitors kept warning me to keep myself on the level.

All of these used to take out my strength. Now, I feel much better and in charge! Really! There are many more things I look forward to trying in the next few days.

Life is getting fun. . . . . . and I am READY TO RUN!

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