Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On the Starting Block.... again!

Well, I have been here before. So there's no reason for me to feel uncomfortable. In fact I am so familiar with this feeling, my brain seems to like it. (I have this funny feeling inside that this is the reason why I always end up stuck....., so I can go back to start).

I have negotiated with myself to finish what I am starting now. (I can't explain yet how negotiating with your self is done.) So the end result of this process will show whether the negotiations succeeded or not.

I'll be going back to Davao in a few days. I still have less than a hand full of days left here in Dumaguete. Ample time to get my new gears going. What ever these new gears are and will be still remains to be seen.

I actually have a lot of stuff to put in writing. I need to put them here. So just wait for the next installments.

As an overview, these are:
1. Installing New Mental Maps
2. Acquiring New Mental Sotware
3. Upgrading my Brains Operating System.

Ain't that list interesting?

These are the reasons why I'm on the Starting Block again.

Till next post.... take care.

Plus I'll share with you my take on a couple of books I read ove the holidays. These books are awesome.

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wildfire said...

Wow! so what would it be, Microsoft or Linux? In my world (IT), we usually install the Operating System first before we install anything else. Then we install other softwares: Antivirus, Word, Excel, Games!

Anyway, have nice time in Davao!