Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In between .... Travels and Projects

My life is such that I have to travel to be able to get projects. Yesterday, I went to the Municipality of Matanao in the province of Davao del Sur. It took me approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there.

There is a possibility of starting a housing project in Matanao, and also doing a workshop on Urban Planning in the Davao del Sur area.

I am leaving the groundwork to a friend for these two projects. The idea of doing the project is from me. My friend will be doing the initial negotiations for the housing project. He will also take charge of recruiting participants to the workshop - 5 so far; and setting up the venue.

I have already prepared the content of the workshop and the financial and work plan for the housing project.

We hope to start the workshop with an orientation this Saturday, and then meet every Saturday there after for the next 12 Saturdays.

The housing project negotiations could take some time. Maybe a month or two.

I will not rush things. . . . . . I will wait for everything to fall in place.

This is how things are when I am between Travelling and projects.

It's time to just feel the breeze and relax.

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wildfire said...

post naman areas like waterfalls, etc na pwede mapuntahan dyan sa Matanao. include pics. am local tourist you know..hehehe