Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am in Cagayan de Oro City now. I'm on my way home. So far so good. I feel a bit better.

I still have a little tinge of paranoia inside me.... but it is not that strong anymore. Some how, I am well aware that the paranoia inside me is just driven by my runaway hormones.

I have settled inside me already the debate between nature and mind over matter. When it comes to hormones that run the brain, the brain is no match..... I would like to find out how to teach the brain to work around hormone driven influences.

This may be the key to helping a lot of others who suffer the same conditions I go through. Looking for that solution will not be easy..... and I can always give it a try.

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wildfire said...

why dont you also manipulate your brain hormones. Eat the specific types of natural foods, at specific times of the day. Exercise, aerobic and anaerobic, cross-training, etc. Food supplements, mind-altering, omega-3rich fishes.
Well, even having sex and orgasm alters your brain chemistry (dopamine, prolactin, etc) but it may be more negative than positive to your brain. Or how bout partial sleep deprivation...

It isnt just hormones that run the brain, its also how it (brain) is wired and structred. Hormones may control mood swings but what about our habits? I thinks our habits our formed by our brain wirings. Our brains develop new neurons in our lifetime so we can create new habits that preempt mood swings. I dont think the swings can be eliminated but it can minimized to become insignificant like a sneeze then and there.
Perhaps you can talk to you health provider...