Friday, December 21, 2007

Moving on

I am at starting the uphill climb out of my depression. It was such a deep, yet short one. Short but it was so damned BAD. I almost went over the edge.

This climb will be quite steep and hard. No problem though. I have the long holidays up ahead.

I will be on vacation mode for 3 to 4 weeks.

I had a long talk with my doctor yesterday. I shared to her my insights about my condition and my awareness that there is very scant knowledge about BIPOLAR DISORDER in the Philippines. I am very sure - 100% - that there are others out there who suffer the same way as I do and are not aware about their condition.

I really know that they and the ones whol care and love them are going through a very hard time trying to understand and consider things. With out awareness, only God can help them.... which they could lose after a while. It will take large doses of FAITH and TRUST in God to survive the disorder.

I have decided to speak out and tell others about this disorder. I hope and pray I will be given the chance to tell others about it and educate as many as I can.

.... so I can keep moving on and reach my goals.

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