Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another 360 Days Ahead

On the first day of 2006, I decided to take my medication daily.

I missed on some days, but I made sure that I had meds all the time, and made it a point to see my Doc regularly. Everything really worked out very well.

For the next 360 days, I will attempt to grab hold of my brain and make sure that I am the one managing my head and not my head managing me.

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep you posted through this blog.


Venice said...

Hi! its nice to know there are filipinos like you who are open about being bipolar. I was just diagnosed last november 2006 and I personally think its all a matter of acceptance. Its really difficult to have bipolar, dealing with the sudden and extreme mood swings can sometimes be really irritating. I got your link for your comment from the PCIJ website about the bipolar caregiver. I am also interested about your plans in starting a support group for fil bipolars like us. hope youre feeling better right now.... 'hope to hear from you soon too. Cheers!

tara said...

hi! i read you comments on My family and I have reasons to believe that my mother is bipolar. i have difficulty convincing her. Id like to ask if anybody knows pyschiatrist whom we could consult in metro manila. Also, how much is the estimated cost for treatment?