Thursday, May 22, 2008

In the Dumps with Super Severe Head Pains.

It's been so long since I have written on this blog. I had been quite busy with my work. I was able to work out a routine that would take me on a journey to free me from my chains.

I had everything going for me. I was meeting my deadlines. I was achieving my goals. Life was never better.

Then . . . . I ended in the dumps again.

I have this sever head pain that has stopped me on my tracks. I can't find a way to work around this pain. It is just so painful, I have thought of just ending everything.

Right now, it seems to be the most logical thing to do. I don't want to have anything like this ever again. The only way to ensure that happens is for me to step out of this life and move on to the next.

NO MATTER WHAT! This pain is really unbearable now!

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sense said...

hey fellow bipolar,

Take it easy. Is it just a headache -- or a big symptom of depression?

Re: chains. You have to accept if you are bipolar, more or less you are on a leash because of the disease. But I think the leash is adjustable and we are not totally helpless.

Just hang on there. It will pass. But it will be back again, probably. Accept it.

Please see your doctor and tell your loved ones if you are in pain.