Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On the Wall

I feel like I hit a wall real hard. Suddenly I feel so rotten deep inside. I have been taking my meds.

It probably is the beer - Red Horse and San Mig Light I have been drinking the past 3 nights. I'll abstain from drinking for a while.....

I have controlled by coffee intake. I'm now down to 3 to 5 cups a day.

My head no longer hurts. It's my back that's really aching now. My nape sometimes tenses up. I can feel the muscles snap.

Ahhhhrghhhh! Anyway, I'm still on my wave.


mangokid said...

Caffeine can cause anxiety attacks and should be avoided wherever possible. Try Decaf instead if you still like the taste of coffee. Sometimes it can be hard to avoid getting a fix though.

Patrick Jerome S. Guasa said...

Thanks for your your comment. Actually my Psychiatrict told me to switch to decaf. I'll make the switch as soon as I finish the bag of coffee that I have with me now. I really love the smell and kick of brewed coffee.